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For All (PHIFA)

Improving the Health Related Quality of Life and Well-Being for ALL through
Education, Research and Perseverance.

Some of Our Programs

Conquering Health Professions for Adolescents

Conquering Health Professions for Adolescents is delivered in the form of a one-day workshop which runs from 9 am to 4 pm, with two 10-minute breaks and a 40-minute lunch. 

The Disease Prevention Facilitators’ Program

The Disease Prevention Facilitators’ (DPF) Program prepares participants to become home friends to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

The Healthy, Happy and Majestic Seniors

The Healthy, Happy and Majestic Seniors is a weekly vlog for seniors which focus on health-related issues pertinent to individuals 55 years and above.

Healthy, Happy
and Majestic
Seniors’ Vlogs

This video series is intended to be informative,

educational and encouraging

to viewers as they mature in years.

– Davine Floy, MBBS, MPH

Our Dedicated Team


Davine Floy, MBBS, MPH

President & CEO

Dr. Davine Floy is a Public Health Consultant and STEM Educator whose expertise spans over a 20-year period.


Godfrey Floy, BA


Godfrey Floy’s experience working with special education students in the New York City school system spans a 15-year period. He specializes in one-on-one and small group instruction with his strategies for discipline allowing students to be engaged and academically strengthened.


Nefertiti Alves, ESQ.


Nefertiti Alves is an immigration attorney in the DC metro area. Her practice consists of family based immigration petitions, cancellation of removal, and asylum.
Previously, Nefertiti worked for an immigration firm in Elizabeth, NJ. During that time, her practice primarily served women who were victims of domestic violence as well as immigrants seeking asylum.

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